Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rookie Cards

I love rookie cards!They are so cool because they show the player's first year in the big leagues.Here are my top ten rookies for this year.
#1.Matt Moore          This guy is a beast when he pitches.
#2.Bryce Harper        We all know he is going to make it this year.
#3.Drew Pomeranz    He will be a huge help to there rotation.
#4.Addison Reed       He will help the White Sox a bunch.
#5.Devin Mesoraco    I think he will be able to do a lot for the Reds.
#6.Jesus Montero       He will show the Yankees they made a bad decision
#7.Matt Dominguez    He will make the Marlins look good in their colors.
#8.Chris Parmelee      He will become just a good all around player.
#9.Wilin Rosario        Will be just a great all around catcher.
#10.Chris Schwinden  He will help out the Mets bullpen a lot.

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