Friday, April 18, 2014

Group Break Time!

            Now the time that all of you have been waiting for the group break. So let's just cut right to the chase and show you the boxes we'll be busting.

            I went with a very prospect heavy break this time because it isn't your everyday cards you pick up at Wal-Mart and there is some real value in some of these boxes. There should be a total of 10 autographs and 2 relics guaranteed. With names like Gerrit Cole, Archie Bradley, Jackie Bradley Jr., Dylan Bundy, Danny Salazar, and many other big names this break has very good potential.

            But wait there is more. If I sell all the spots by this Sunday, April 20th, I will add these boxes into the break free of charge.

2012 Panini Triple Play Baseball Retail Box - Click Image to Close

                       The boxes will be ordered as soon as possible and payments should be sent via paypal to 

Red Sox-$12
White Sox-$6
Blue Jays-$5

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Well Hasn't It Been Awhile

                    Time flies. I think we all have discovered this by now. As the school year wears on it becomes harder for me to do the things that I love. With the crunched time I have had to cut my blog out of my normal schedule. I know it sucks.

                   But for the time being, I am back. Once summer commences hopefully I'll be back full time. Key word: Hopefully. So to celebrate the fact that I am a back from my hiatus I thought I might hold a group break and a contest. I'll be back later tonight or tomorrow with the details on that, but for the time being I thought I my as well show you guys what I have been up to while I have been gone.



This bad boy came courtesy of Kalib a Cubs collector. Yuck! You beat us once, but that's one out of 162. Be ready for the next time. Besides the fact that he is a Cub fan Kalib very generously sent this Lynn over to me no questions. So thank you Kalib.

Next, one of everybody's favorite bloggers, Nick from Dime Boxes sent this beauty. If this was a dime box find I would be astonished because this is a beaut. It fits very well into my collection and can't thank Nick enough for his generosity.

Last but not least, a blogger who has burst onto the scene this blogging season, Alex from Chavez Ravining. You can't ever not have enough Shelby Miller and Trevor Rosenthal rookie cards. They are going to have huge years this year.

I love that Yadi as well. Tis a shame we will not be able to witness anymore plays like that. I could go on further, but I think it would be best that I don't.

And I did not forget about the unloved Mike O'Neill. Mike O'Neill is the unsung hero of the Cardinals outfield problem. All the guy can do is get on base, but he gets overshadowed my superprospects like Stephen Piscotty and Oscar Taveras. I didn't forget about you Mike. You'll go great in my collection.

Well there you have it. It's not much, but they are cards I enjoy very much. Thank you for all who traded with me and if you want to trade with me I will make it worth your time. Thanks for reading everybody. I'll let you guys know on the group break and the contest. Super Duper out.

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Latest Slew Of Trades

Over here at Fantastic Catch I have been pretty busy with the new baseball season starting up.

It gives me the hope that Spring will be eventually coming. Unfortunately right now for me it is snowing and horribly cold outside.

So in other words let me warm up your minds a little bit with the generosity of other bloggers.

First up, the all mighty Will. If you have never ever traded with Will or even checked out his blog, you have to right now. Just stop reading and click on that link. Will is great at writing and reaching out to all collectors with great generosity.

Yet in others words, here is what he sent me.

Billy Hamilton, Nick Castellanos, Erik Johnson, and Matt Davidson are all big time prospects that are suppose to have breakout years for their respective clubs.

And with how notorious they are, they are great additions to my rookie card challenge. (Click on that tab above you if you think you have any I might need. Thanks!)

Will even sent me this guy.

Buddy Boshers!

Debateably he has the best name in baseball, but it's not just me who thinks this, it is also many other bloggers who believe this as well.

So thank for the great cards Will.

Next up on my list we have Cards From The Quarry.

A few weeks ago a created a post with a huge amount of trade bait on it and my 2013 D.J. LeMahieu hooked him into my trap.

A few days later I got this sick card in the mail!

My second jersey card of Lance Lynn!

I would be really sad if Lance doesn't get a spot in the rotation like he deserves coming out of Spring Training this year.

Thank you so much Johnny this awesome addition to my Lance Lynn collection.

Well, thanks for reading guys and enjoy your Friday. See ya!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trade Bait Tuesday!

If anybody is interested in any of these cards let me know and maybe we can work out a deal.

Thanks for looking. If anything catches your eyes email me at or comment below. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Where Are They Now: 2010 Topps Pro Debut Series 2 Cardinals Edition Part 1

While most of you are still fumming over how bad 2014 Topps is I have moved on and continue one of my series of Where Are They Now?

Although I haven't thought about it until now, I my as well make it official to say that I will make this a continuous series on the blog. It's interesting to see where these guys end up when their baseball careers don't pan out as they had hoped.

So with all the talking aside let's get right to it.

#293 Robert Stock

Drafted 2nd out of the 2009 Draft, Robert came into the minors wanting to be a catcher. Along the way though, he converted to a pitcher. And while all the prolific draft picks for the Cardinals in 2009 have been making names for themselves with the Cardinals, Robert has been slowly moving up the ladder and this past season he finished his season with the Cardinals Single A Affiliate the Palm Beach Cardinals. And with a promotion to AA we may see Robert be a part of the September call ups for the Cardinals.

#300 Nicholas Longmire

Drafted 5th out of the 2010 Draft, Nick wasted no time to get out onto the field for the Cardinals. Yet after his quick start he has stalled since then. He is only in Single A Palm Beach and has tough road ahead of him if he's going to make it to the MLB with the Cardinals. With such a stacked outfield, hopefully Nick can get a chance somewhere else because his chances are looking bleak with big names like Oscar Taveras, Stephen Piscotty, and other big names ahead of him.

#328 Daniel Descalso

Drafted 3rd out of the 2007 Draft it took Daniel 3 years in the minors to get his first chance with the Cardinals. Although he's not a starter, Daniel is the Cardinals defensive specialist. He can play anywhere you put him, and that is exactly what the Cardinals do with him. And even though his career has just begun, Daniel has quite the accolades. He is a World Series Champion, an Organizational All-Star, a AAA All-Star, and one of my favorite Cardinals. 

Well I wish these boys the best of luck with there upcoming season and thanks for reading. Oh and thanks to COMC for the photos because we all know my camera sucks. 

Stay warm! 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fantastic Catch Card #5 & #6

It has been a long time coming, and I thought in the light of the Super Bowl we should feature a cool football catch card.

There we go! Now that is a pretty picture right there.

Yet now the question is does he make the catch?

I don't know. I watch baseball not football.

Which makes me remember baseball is only 2 weeks away.

So guess what move over Super Bowl because baseball always trumps football.

And in baseball they don't have to have two feet on the ground to make the catch.

Man, baseball season can't come any sooner.

Catch Grades
Steve Johnson


In air photography saves his bacon.

Michael Saunders


Although this card is stellar, there is always room for improvement.

Thanks for reading guys and stay safe out there tomorrow.

Friday, January 24, 2014

2013 TTM's Year In Review!

As one of my goals for the 2014 blogging season, I wanted to show my TTM collection off better to all of you.

And since 2013 wrapped up, I had to bring to a close my returns for 2013. Over all it wasn't that bad of a year.

I came out around 50% of all my cards returning.

Yet, I have a good feeling that number will grow, but only time will tell.

So rather than dwell on the future here are some of returns from this year.

Biggest Disappointment

Although it isn't easy to see in this photo, but Mr. Geiger's autograph bubbled horribly when returning to me unfortunately for him that is what makes him the biggest disappointment of the year.

Biggest Surprise(s)

This one was an absolute deadlock. I wasn't expecting either of these to come back, but man was I wrong. Matt Adams and Matt Carpenter took the time to sign my cards. Two up and coming stars for the Cardinals had me astonished at my luck.


Flashback time. I love soccer. I have been playing ever since I was four. I still play it today with much vigor. So naturally when I saw that Wal-Mart had some soccer cards in stock I pounced on the opportunity to get them. I pulled a card of a guy named Well Thompson and sent a letter too him. He sent me a huge letter back and we have been friends ever since. That is why I enjoy this success so much.

Most Unappreciated

Jason Kidd. A shoe in for being a basketball hall of famer I sent to Jason in his last year of playing and got some cards back signed. Down the road I will appreciate this TTM a lot.

Best Minor League Return

I didn't get any HUGE names like Miguel Sano or Byron Buxton like some other guys, but I did get a few that look like they will have a promising big league career. So with the lack of talent I had to go with my Cardinals side and choose Mr. Boone Whiting. He is in AAA right now and I hope he can break into the bullpen soon.

Best Inscription

I didn't get any really cool inscriptions, but I did end up getting some pretty neat ones. Mr. Don Kelly inscribed "God Bless" and even sent his own bible card as well. Quite a neat success if you ask me.

Well there you have it. The wrap up of the 2013 TTM Season for me. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing all the cool stuff I've gotten from athletes and thanks for reading. Have a great time blogging!