Thursday, March 26, 2015

Minor League Want List

Minor League Baseball Want List:

As you guys might know already, I am really into the TTM side of the hobby.

If you don't know what TTM. Basically you send letters to some of your favorite athletes asking for their autograph and if you're lucky they will open your letter and sign whatever you sent them.

Getting back on track, I am making a want list for minor leaguers that I don't have cards of yet.

Another way to look at is that I'm taking those cards of minor leaguers that won't pan out and give you cards that you actually want in return.

I'm excited to get this up and going. I hope it helps me reach an even larger radius of players while giving you cards that you hopefully need.

Now your next step. Click that tab above and check and see if you can't help me out.

Then after that comment here or in the tab or email at and we can see if we can't work something out.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. Stay safe and God Bless!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Book Review: Odd Man Out

Truthfully this is probably one of the best books I've ever read. It was everything I love in baseball.

Minor league baseball. Quirkiness. The challenges of making the big leagues. And the  characters associated with the big business we know as sports.

To give you a bit more information about the book. I'll of course have to start from the beginning.

Matt McCarthy was a left handed pitcher coming out of Yale.

Threw a 92 mph fastball and other typical stuff. But as you might expect he isn't your typical hot shot prospect.

Drafted in the 21st round of the 2001 MLB Draft by the Los Angeles Angels, Matt gives you a great view of what a minor leaguer deals with throughout their career.

Assigned to Rookie level ball with the now extinct Provo Angels, Matt was in the heart of Mormon country.

You can only imagine what stories came from that.

Since he went to Yale, Matt was a pretty smart cookie. Basically just trying to continue his dream of playing baseball for a living.

Yet what he runs into in the Angels minor league system is your key to the deep dark depths of the minor leagues and the heart of the steroid era.

Inside stories on current and former major leaguers such as Joe Saunders, Bobby Jenks, Joe Blanton and many more.

I can't tell all about the story though. So I'll leave the rest for you to read if you decide to pick up a copy of your own

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Hope everybody has a great rest of their week and God Bless!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Group Break Update and Other Musings

The group break is all but over. It was a lot of fun, but it's still not over yet. I sent out the first wave of packages last week and hope to send out another wave this week. Although it has been slow and methodical, I decided to let the results of the group break be a surprise to you.

Yet there are still some that I don't have address and or haven't paid yet. Here's that list currently.

Matt McCurry (Reds)-Address
hiflew (Rockies)-Address and Payment
Ken Damon (Indians)-Address and Payment
Jeff Laws (White Sox)-Address

That is all. If you are one of the said people above, I'll gladly get your cards out to you once the above is fulfilled.

Ok now that's done. There were a few nice hit(s) from unclaimed teams in the group break as well and here are those.

Mr Homeless Man for the Blue Jays. Just kidding, but he's actually a highly touted prospect for the Blue Jays and should do well in the MLB this year. 

I plan on selling this, but if one of those Blue Jays collectors makes an offer I can't refuse then I'll move it.

The rest I will leave as a surprise for those who were involved with the break.

And for the musings. So my favorite time of the year is about to begin and I can't contain my excitement. This will most likely be pretty disappointing for all of you, but the MLS soccer season has finally begun. This past weekend all 20 teams played, and I had a ball watching all of them show off their new kits and new players.

The league is really starting to turn around with bringing back big name US players to play in their prime or their careers. Names like Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Mix Diskerud, Micheal Bradley, and the list keeps going on and on. 

My Chicago Fire still suck though. They got clobbered by the reigning  champions LA Galaxy 2-0. We'll see if the "big name players" they brought in over the offseason actually turn the team around from their dismal previous season.

All I can say is that it will be a very exciting 20th season for MLS. 

Well I know it has been a long time, and this doesn't seem like much of a post, but I hope it revitalizes my spirit for blogging once again. I hope everybody has a great week and God Bless!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

A couple weeks ago the Super Bowl happened, and if you hadn't been living under a rock then you'd probably know that the New England Patriots won......again.

Yet what you didn't know is that I also won.

Weird. I know.

For once Tom Brady and the Patriots actually helped me out.

I was the winner of this year's version of the Almost Easiest Super Bowl Contest in the World held by our very own Collector's Crack.

Anyways, Mark was super gracious and gave a very undeserving prize for guessing that the Patriots would win with the total points being like 26 or something like that. All I know is I won and that's super cool because I hardly win any contests.

So enough blabbling, let me reveal the prizes.



Wow....That surely has to be it. Right?

Wrong. It took an extended period of time to return my jaw back into its normal position. All I did was guess who was going to win the Super Bowl. I sure as heck wasn't expecting this.

Mark, thank you so much for the cards. I can't even express in words how appreciate it.

I hope everybody is staying warm with all that snow out there. I know I'm relishing it. No school baby!!!

Thanks for stopping by and drive safe! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sigh of Relief: The Group Break Boxes Are Ordered!

I deeply apologize for the inconvenience everybody, but it feels like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders for now. I am so excited for this break though and I hope everybody else is too.

There are still some more spots left because It's still not too late to join in.

Once again I am really sorry about this, but I can't wait to see what these boxes have in store for us.

Thanks for everybody's patience and thanks for stopping by. I hope to be posting more about other activities besides this group break on my blog, but for now enjoy the new header I have on my blog.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Plenty of Spots Left for the Group Break! Join in on the Fun!

We are talking Yankees, Dodgers, Angels, Phillies, Mets, Padres, Rangers. You do not miss out on this break. 20 AUTOS!!!! Spots are available as cheap as $5! Click the link below to get in on the awesome. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Group Break Time!!!!

And yes I do have PayPal. I know these haven't worked out in the past for me, but I thought it might be worth a shot again. Prices are at the bottom. If we get it filled up quick enough I'll even add in another box.

So here is what we have lined up for this time around.

2012 Elite Extra Edition


  • Carlos Correa
  • Byron Buxton
  • Mike Zunino
  • Kevin Gausman
  • Corey Seager
  • Joey Gallo
  • Addison Russell
  • Albert Almora
  • Michael Wacha
  • Andrew Heaney
  • MUCH MORE!!!

2011 Elite Extra Edition



  • Gerrit Cole
  • Dylan Bundy
  • Archie Bradley
  • Joe Panik
  • Kolten Wong
  • Sonny Gray
  • Javier Baez
  • Brandon Nimmo
  • Josh Bell
  • George Springer
  • Francisco Lindor
  • Robert Stephenson
  • Many More!!!

2008 TriStar Projections High # Series

4 Autographs Per Box!!!


  • Clayton Kershaw
  • David Price
  • Josh Donaldson
  • Michael Brantley
  • Justin Masterson
  • Mike Moustakas
  • Eric Young Jr

2008 TriStar Prospects Plus

4 Autographs 1 Memorabilia Per Box!!!

  • Pedro Alvarez
  • Eric Hosmer
  • Brian Matusz
  • Anthony Gose
  • Lance Lynn
  • Tyson Ross

Shipping is included with your purchase, so no addition charges. Send payment via Paypal gift to Comment below the team you want and we'll see how quickly we can get this group break going. I am really excited about this.

I'll get the boxes ordered as soon as all the slots have filled up. Thanks for stopping by!

•Arizona Diamondbacks 6-@roundatbase
•Atlanta Braves 5-@bighero6_cards
•Baltimore Orioles 6-Foul Bunt (PAID)
•Boston Red Sox 7-Matt Perry (PAID)
•Chicago White Sox 5-Jeff Laws (PAID)
•Chicago Cubs 7-Foul Bunt (PAID)
•Cincinnati Reds 5-Red Cardboard (PAID)
•Cleveland Indians 5-Ken Damon
•Colorado Rockies 5- hiflew
•Detroit Tigers 6-Noah
•Miami Marlins 5
•Houston Astros 7-Marc Brubaker (PAID)
•Kansas City Royals 6
•Los Angeles Angels 5-Angels in Order (PAID)
•Los Angeles Dodgers 8-Alex Markle
•Milwaukee Brewers 5-Foul Bunt (PAID)
•Minnesota Twins 6-Brian O'Neal (PAID)
•New York Mets 7
•New York Yankees 8-Caitlin Jennings
•Oakland Athletics 7-Andrew Carwile
•Philadelphia Phillies 5
•Pittsburgh Pirates 7-Matthew Scott (PAID)
•San Diego Padres 5-Marcus
•San Francisco Giants 5-Caitlin Jennings 
•Seattle Mariners 6-
•St. Louis Cardinals-Superduperman99 (PAID)
•Tampa Bay Rays 5
•Texas Rangers 7-Brian Snider (PAID)
•Toronto Blue Jays 5
•Washington Nationals 7