Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

A couple weeks ago the Super Bowl happened, and if you hadn't been living under a rock then you'd probably know that the New England Patriots won......again.

Yet what you didn't know is that I also won.

Weird. I know.

For once Tom Brady and the Patriots actually helped me out.

I was the winner of this year's version of the Almost Easiest Super Bowl Contest in the World held by our very own Collector's Crack.

Anyways, Mark was super gracious and gave a very undeserving prize for guessing that the Patriots would win with the total points being like 26 or something like that. All I know is I won and that's super cool because I hardly win any contests.

So enough blabbling, let me reveal the prizes.



Wow....That surely has to be it. Right?

Wrong. It took an extended period of time to return my jaw back into its normal position. All I did was guess who was going to win the Super Bowl. I sure as heck wasn't expecting this.

Mark, thank you so much for the cards. I can't even express in words how appreciate it.

I hope everybody is staying warm with all that snow out there. I know I'm relishing it. No school baby!!!

Thanks for stopping by and drive safe! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sigh of Relief: The Group Break Boxes Are Ordered!

I deeply apologize for the inconvenience everybody, but it feels like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders for now. I am so excited for this break though and I hope everybody else is too.

There are still some more spots left because It's still not too late to join in.

Once again I am really sorry about this, but I can't wait to see what these boxes have in store for us.

Thanks for everybody's patience and thanks for stopping by. I hope to be posting more about other activities besides this group break on my blog, but for now enjoy the new header I have on my blog.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Plenty of Spots Left for the Group Break! Join in on the Fun!

We are talking Yankees, Dodgers, Angels, Phillies, Mets, Padres, Rangers. You do not miss out on this break. 20 AUTOS!!!! Spots are available as cheap as $5! Click the link below to get in on the awesome. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Group Break Time!!!!

And yes I do have PayPal. I know these haven't worked out in the past for me, but I thought it might be worth a shot again. Prices are at the bottom. If we get it filled up quick enough I'll even add in another box.

So here is what we have lined up for this time around.

2012 Elite Extra Edition


  • Carlos Correa
  • Byron Buxton
  • Mike Zunino
  • Kevin Gausman
  • Corey Seager
  • Joey Gallo
  • Addison Russell
  • Albert Almora
  • Michael Wacha
  • Andrew Heaney
  • MUCH MORE!!!

2011 Elite Extra Edition



  • Gerrit Cole
  • Dylan Bundy
  • Archie Bradley
  • Joe Panik
  • Kolten Wong
  • Sonny Gray
  • Javier Baez
  • Brandon Nimmo
  • Josh Bell
  • George Springer
  • Francisco Lindor
  • Robert Stephenson
  • Many More!!!

2008 TriStar Projections High # Series

4 Autographs Per Box!!!


  • Clayton Kershaw
  • David Price
  • Josh Donaldson
  • Michael Brantley
  • Justin Masterson
  • Mike Moustakas
  • Eric Young Jr

2008 TriStar Prospects Plus

4 Autographs 1 Memorabilia Per Box!!!

  • Pedro Alvarez
  • Eric Hosmer
  • Brian Matusz
  • Anthony Gose
  • Lance Lynn
  • Tyson Ross

Shipping is included with your purchase, so no addition charges. Send payment via Paypal gift to Comment below the team you want and we'll see how quickly we can get this group break going. I am really excited about this.

I'll get the boxes ordered as soon as all the slots have filled up. Thanks for stopping by!

•Arizona Diamondbacks 6-@roundatbase
•Atlanta Braves 5-@bighero6_cards
•Baltimore Orioles 6-Foul Bunt (PAID)
•Boston Red Sox 7-Matt Perry (PAID)
•Chicago White Sox 5-Jeff Laws (PAID)
•Chicago Cubs 7-Foul Bunt (PAID)
•Cincinnati Reds 5-Red Cardboard (PAID)
•Cleveland Indians 5-Ken Damon
•Colorado Rockies 5- hiflew
•Detroit Tigers 6-Noah
•Miami Marlins 5
•Houston Astros 7-Marc Brubaker (PAID)
•Kansas City Royals 6
•Los Angeles Angels 5-Angels in Order (PAID)
•Los Angeles Dodgers 8-Alex Markle
•Milwaukee Brewers 5-Foul Bunt (PAID)
•Minnesota Twins 6-Brian O'Neal (PAID)
•New York Mets 7
•New York Yankees 8-Caitlin Jennings
•Oakland Athletics 7-Andrew Carwile
•Philadelphia Phillies 5
•Pittsburgh Pirates 7-Matthew Scott (PAID)
•San Diego Padres 5-Marcus
•San Francisco Giants 5-Caitlin Jennings 
•Seattle Mariners 6-
•St. Louis Cardinals-Superduperman99 (PAID)
•Tampa Bay Rays 5
•Texas Rangers 7-Brian Snider (PAID)
•Toronto Blue Jays 5
•Washington Nationals 7

Friday, January 16, 2015

Trade With Bob Walk the Plank!

Although it is a little overdue, I recently completed a trade with Matthew who runs the incredible blog called Bob Walk the Plank.

He is a great trader and I can't wait to see what he thinks of the cards I sent him. Either way if you haven't given him a follow yet, you are definitely missing out.

Moving on though, Matt was very generous and spared me a few of those (beloved) RedBirds.

First up, Brian Anderson. Truthfully off the top of head, I don't know too much about Mr.Anderson. I know he played catcher for the Cardinals. And I know he played for the Cardinals, but not anymore. So on that depressing note, let us move on.


Ahhhh the infamous Anthony Reyes. Thought to be at one time to become a far more supreme pitcher than Adam Wainwright. I will admit that he did quite an integral rule in the '06 World Series run, but he didn't amount to much after that. Nice white swatch though. Probably a piece of underwear or something. I sure hope its not.

BOOM!!! The grand finale. Matt outdid himself. This was totally unnecessary, but I will make sure it has a nice home here at the Fantastic Catch residence. I just hope what I sent his way will be enough because this was definitely a lot!

And I don't think I need to give you a rundown of who Matt Carpenter is. If you don't know who is well...shame one you. 

Once again I want to reach out to Matt and thank him so much again for the great cards. Thanks for stopping by and God Bless! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas & Birthday Presents. Oh My!

A little while back, my best friend and I Andrew from Andrews Baseball Cards decided to exchange Christmas presents.

It's always a fun time for each year because we typically have no clue what we are going to get from one another.

This year didn't disappoint either.

I don't know if he posted about what I got him, but I know when we did this he enjoyed every minute of it.

Yet I can't remember what I got him, so I'll just have to present to you what he gifted to me.

Signed out of Venezuela in 2010, Mr. Valera here has flown through the Cardinals minor league system. He just finished his first year of AA ball at the sprightly young age of 22. That's pretty good if you ask me.

Although he has swung the bat well through the ball parks he's been too, he doesn't project to be much more than a Daniel Descalso esque player. Just minus some of the fielding Daniel had and add it too his hitting, and that is basically what you have in Breyvic.

Either way it will be fun to see how he develops.


And now time to bring out the big guns. Andrew was very gracious in helping me find a card I have been on the hunt for for quite a while. Lance Lynn you have finally been captured. 

As some of you may know, I am a big Lance Lynn fan. He was one of the first Cardinals I got to meet face to face and he came up the same year I started collecting, 2011.

So to obtain a card of this magnitude means a lot to me. So thank you very much Andrew.

And that doesn't even cover what he got me for my birthday.

This bad boy...

Photo courtesy of eBay

2013 1st Round Pick Robert Kaminsky. My second auto of him to be exact. Numbered out of 210, this is truly one sweet card. 

Rob played his first full year a A Peoria and if he stays long enough into next year, I'm hoping to watch him play in person.

I cannot wait to see him in the Cardinals rotation in the near future.

Well that's all I have for you today folks. I'm still in the holidays mode, so if you see more Christmas and New Year's posts pop up you'll know why. 

Hope everybody has a great week! Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 COMC Black Friday Shipment

Yes I know I am late to the party. I seem to be anymore now.

Yet not to be too drab. I must say that this year was quite the year.

Although I didn't think the deals were as good as they were last year, I had some fun picking up some great cards.

So let's cut to the chase.

I know you all love baseball, but I have to give my favorite football team some love. The Indianapolis Colts.

And I don't even want to talk about what happened last Sunday. That was bad.


Trying to make myself a Dwayne Allen jersey. Just kidding, but that would be quite the challenge. The right is a patch card and I got both of these close to $1. I just couldn't pass them up.

He and Marvin Harrison were tearing it up back in the day. If I would have to give the upper hand to one of them, I would surely be Mr. Wayne here. 


My unintentional player collection of Anthony Castonzo is growing. It's hard to pass up starting offensive linemen autographs for $1.

I think that about does it for the football side of my order. Now onto my beloved Redbirds.

Inching my way closer to completing this autograph set. Now only need the big names like Piscotty and Ramsey.

Alex Mejia was drafted out of the University of Arizona and was the Cardinals 4th round draft choice in 2012. This past year he just finished AA Springfield with a .270 average and .326 OBP. Should be quality depth to the Cardinals in a few years.

Cory Jones was the Cardinals 5th round selection in 2012 and wasn't too good this year in A+ Palm Beach. He got injured in May hasn't come back since. He's only 23 so he has a little time to figure it out.


Now here is a Cardinals prospect I am excited about. He tore up A+ Palm Beach this year and got promoted to AA Springfield at the age of 22. He has electric speed and once he is ready for the bigs, it will give John Mozeliak even more headaches.

If he makes the Cardinals, he'll most likely be my newest player collection.


Probably my two favorite Cardinals prospects of all time.

Jordan Swagerty is somewhat of a bust, never making it to the bigs while being drafted in the 2nd round, but how you go wrong when your last name is Swagerty. That's just plain cool.

Adron Chambers is a fighter. He always played the game as if it were his last. He was part of the amazing 2011 World Series run. He is the epitome of never giving up. He was drafted in the 38th round of the 2007 Draft and hasn't given up since. He proved everyone wrong when he cracked the Cardinals roster a few years ago.

That about does it for this year's Black Friday COMC purchases. I hope everybody found some incredible deals themselves. I know I enjoyed it. Merry Christmas everybody! Stay safe out there and God Bless!