Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TTM Autographs

Does anyone like TTM autographs besides me?I know I haven't had any success yet,but I have sent a lot.
If you have had success show me some of your greatest successes.If you check on the side you can see what who I have sent to.Also, if anyone has any addresses please tell me.It is kind of funny when I get bored at school and I have a bunch of free time I like writting them.Surprisingly my teachers don't care.
         Again if anyone has any addresses leave a comment I would appreciate it a lot.When I get any of my autographs in I will make sure you guys get to see it.


  1. I have been sending out some TTMs this spring. I have been mailing them out to the team's spring training facility.

  2. Yeah that is what I have been doing to I just hope I get a signed baseball card by the end of this sprig training.

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