Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How do you do your TTM's?

I was wondering about this because I was writing a TTM one day and I was thinking. What do the other bloggers do for their TTM's? I know I usually start telling them about who I am and what I like and etc....
Anyways, if you guys would like to leave comment below I would sure like to hear how other people do their TTM's because I haven't had any come in for a while.


  1. I give the players reasons why I loike watching them play. It is easier to write to Dodger players because I appreciate what they have done/do for the team.

  2. Its always hand written and generally long...
    I will say things like "I will never forget that game in 2006 when you had a no-hitter going into the 7th inning... I swear my wife and I didn't breath or sit down or stop watching even for a second..." I generally mention a specific accomplishment or a specific game I saw them play... Sometimes, if they had a short career or not too many cards - I will include a bunch of cards and offer them to keep the rest if they would sign one for me...
    I typically don't write to big name players and the one's that I do write sometimes include a quick reply... I have had 2 people mention that they like my blog because I sometimes mention that as well.
    good luck!