Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer Break Box Break PREVIEW!!!

Ok, so summer is almost here and I have been saving my $$$ for like FOREVER. Since I had all that money saved up I was planning on doing a HUGE box break(s) to kick off summer. So what I was thinking is that I would order all my stuff from blowout cards.(If anybody knows another online store with better prices besides DA please tell me.) I was thinking the lineup would be like this

1.2012 Topps Opening Day                 2.2010 Topps MILB Debut Series 2

3.11/12 Hoops                     4.08/09 Fleer Basketball Retail Box

5.2006 Fleer Complete Set

Well, that was all that I was thinking of buying for this big box break. With all this I should get about 4 autos and 1 relic. If anyone else has an idea for another cheap box around $20.00 just comment below.Hope everybody has a great weekend.

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