Monday, June 18, 2012

50 Post/Father's Day Contest!

Well today everybody I am celebrating my 50th post and a little bit of fathers day. In the celebration of these milestones I'm going to have a contest. So here is how it's going to down. I have an autographed baseball that I have never shown you guys before on my blog. Now all you have to do is guess the signature and the person that guess it right first wins the contest. But there's a catch you have to tell me who he plays for and what year he was a rookie. Oh yeah, there is another catch you also have to be following my blog in order to
enter into this contest. Now here is the prize that you get if you guess the signature right. You can have your choice of 3 of these rookie cards.

Ok, so here is the ball you have to guess the signature on.

Now the maximum guesses you can have is 3. Well everybody have fun guessing. :)


  1. It's not Joe Paterson of the AZ D-backs (Rookie Year 2011) is it?

    1. Yes you are correct! :) Now all you have to do is tell me which 3 rookie cards you would like.

    2. Email has been sent your way-thanks for the contest!!!