Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Trade Completed!

Just got packages in the mail from Adam over at and Matt over at and Jason over at I must say it was really cool in my opinion in what I got in these trades. Anyways, on to what I got.

Adam gave me stack of 82 2012 Topps Opening Day I needed and wow am I thankful for that. That really helped me narrow down my want list of Opening Day from this year. He also included these.
Which really helped me with my collection of rookie cards and rookie cups. Thank yo for the great trade Adam, these are really cool cards that I needed a lot.

Now, onto what Jason sent me. First off he sent me a whole bunch of base for my sets like my 2010 Upper Deck set that I am really getting close to being done with. He even also included these

Now, these will really help me get closer to finishing my 2010 Topps Chrome rc set. Thanks a bunch for these great cards Jason.

And last but not least Matt who sent me this sick Kolten Wong autograph from this year's bowman set.
Once again thank you so much for doing some trades with me you guys. And if anybody else would like to do a trade with me just email me at Well, happy blogging everybody. :)

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  1. Clark, you never responded to my last email about that trade we had on the go.... let me know if it's still on, or if you decided against it.
    Thanks bud.