Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Love The Way Bloggers Think.

               I got a trade package from Nick other day and I noticed that he reused the bubble mailer from a recent trade he had done with a fellow blogger. I thought that was kind funny and clever at the same time. All this made me think how clever every blogger is since most of this do this. (even me) I've also made some clever moves like this with my trade packages. I usually reuse the bubble mailer and I also usually recycle the team bags/mini box thingys that people use to hold the cards. Oh and another one that I use to make it easier for the blogger on the receiving side. I usually fold the piece of tape just a little bit so that you can get your fingers under it and not have to scrape all that tape off. I actually learned that trick from doing a trade with Adam. If you guys have any other cool clever tricks with your trade packages like either Nick or Adam
does. Please feel free to comment below because I love listening to what you guys think of all the things I talk about on my blog. Happy blogging everybody. :)


  1. Glad to hear my cards arrived safely!

    I've never bought a single bubble mailer, penny sleeve, team bag, or toploader in my life. I reuse every single one I get, and I still have a ton of extras, and they work just as well as brand-new ones.

    It's saved me a lot of money over the years, needless to say.

    1. That is so true! It's saved me a lot of money as well, but I do buy toploaders or penny sleeves once and a while.

  2. I have to have brand new top loaders and penny sleeves encasing the cards in my PCs, so the old ones get recycled as trade packages. I, too, reuse every bubble mailer. I always have too many extra penny sleeves and top loaders, so I recently sent a stack of each to a friend of mine so he wouldn't have to buy any.

  3. In addition to the tape trick, I also recycle bubble mailers, top loaders, team bags, etc. I recently realized I had way too many and went through and purged the ones with too much tape residue or that seems off in color. Figure it saves me money to offset any shipping costs.

  4. I do the tape trick as well, and often mark the fold with a colored sharpie to make it easier to spot. I re-use everything I can, including the painters tape the a lot of guys use to seal the cards and team bags, Hell, I've even gone as far as cutting the return address from some packages and using it as the sender's address if it's going in the right direction. Penny sleeves, top loaders, every little bit saved is more I can spend on the contents of the packages.

  5. Use blue painters tape and you won't get residue on the top loaders when it get removed.