Sunday, June 24, 2012

Would You Rather?

Have a DH in both leagues or a pitcher hitting in both leagues and why? Or would just like to keep it the same and not change it. I would love to here your opinions on this topic. I know I would  choice to have a pitcher in both leagues because it gives the game more strategy. Well happy blogging everybody. :)


  1. I get where you are going with this. I think having the two separate leagues has kind of run it's course, but it is kind of fun to see pitchers bat. I guess I would feel differently if an O's pitcher went down with an injury running the bases. In the end, I would keep the leagues separate, one with DH one with pitcher hitting. That keeps it a little different and leaves for the two styles of baseball.

  2. Cardinal fans are notoriously traditional, and I'm no different. I guess my main reason to want to see the pitcher hit is that he's really no different than any other defender, in that each player should be able to do two things well, hit, and field. The DH gives us pitchers who can't hit, and hitters who can't field.

  3. I'm an A.L. guy and always will be, but I just think it should be the same for both leagues.