Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Group Break Boxes Results!

               Ok so I the boxes came in the other day and I was super excited so my friend Andrew and I opened the boxes without any hesitation. And so we were amazed on the stuff we pulled. In the Series 2 box
we had a great start to the group break! Here were the highlights of the box.

Now onto our hit.

And the awesome part of the box. Getting to pull this.

I thought this was a pretty good box. Now of course those weren't all the inserts we pulled, but I thought those were the best ones we got out of all of them. Next, I would show you what we pulled from the 06 Ovation and 06 Artifacts box, but I would like it to be a surprise for all of you guys who participated. Now, I must say the Ovation box was really good because I pulled a hit beyond belief. *Cough, Cough Jonathan Papelbon rookie auto numbered out of 99 Cough, Cough*. Oh did I just say that well I guess you guys know about it then. And to conclude my group break I need to say that I am still missing payments from jaybarkerfan and Dan. And if you would like to get your sick hit jaybarkerfan I would suggest you get your payment in or I just might have to keep it. Well, I hope everybody enjoyed the group break and I will defiantly be doing another soon. Well, happy blogging everybody! :)


  1. got my cards. no hits, but a few inserts and a gold ovation parallel. thanks for hosting.