Monday, August 13, 2012

The Group Break Boxes Are Ordered! :)

          Ok everybody, I have just ordered the boxes for the group break I am having and if I am lucky they should get here by the weekend. Also, I have some spots that have not been filled so if some people would like to jump in feel free to. Here are the boxes that we will be opening if you didn't already know.

And here are the spots that are still left. All you have to do is comment below and tell me which two teams you would like. And then send your money order to this address.

Weston DeShon
429 South Whittle Avenue
Olney, IL 62450

Brewers $15
Pirates $10
Giants $10
Nationals $10
D-Backs $7
Blue Jays $7
Cubs $7
Rays $7
Rockies $5

Oh yeah, I am also needing money orders from Dan, jaybarkerfan, and Cam please get your money orders sent out if you haven't already. Thanks, and happy blogging. :)

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