Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

          Everywhere you go. 3 days left that's it. It's crazy I can't even believe it. Christmas has really jumped upon me very quickly. I bet it has for you too.

          But even as it is I have gotten some early Christmas presents from some blogging friends of mine. James,Will, and Andrew were very generous and sent some packages full of goodies for me this Christmas.

          First up is James. Shield your eyes Cubs fans there will be a plethora of Cardinals cards being displayed.

       First off here we have got some Colts cards. Or mostly former Colts players. What ever happened to Bob Sanders one day he's on top of the football world and just falls off. You know who he reminds me of Scott Kazmir. Ironically though Scott Kazmir got a job.

World Series cards me likey. I've also got to like me some Yadi. And a rookie card. Not bad I really enjoyed the Rogers Hornsby probably the most though.

         Yes, roookkkkkiiiieeesss. I have really been needing some rookies for my rookie card collection. If you have some extra rookie cards laying around check out the tab at the top labeled Rookie Card Challenge and see if you couldn't help me out.

          Now let us see what the Whimsical William sent. If you haven't ever been to Will's blog you've got to check it out he has one of the best blogs out there.

         Pretty fancy cards if you ask me. He also sent a Chris Carpenter relic, but it wouldn't scan. Stupid scanner. I really enjoyed seeing the Allen Craig because I hadn't seen a Gold Rush card yet in person. Pretty nice I really liked how it kind of pops out at you with the gold bordering.

        And last but not least Andrew. No I did not forget about you Andrew you just happened to be last.

         Amazing that's all I can say I was astonished when I saw these. They were so awesome. My first "certified" Drew Stubbs autograph and a super duper Lance Lynn auto. What was so cool about the Lance Lynn was that it was the last one off the press. 570/570. 

         Even as it is these packages were amazing and surprising to say the least. Once again thank you so much James, Will, and Andrew for such awesome Christmas presents. I have had a great Christmas so far and yet it's not even Christmas yet. I hope you are enjoying your Christmas so far too. Happy blogging and Merry Christmas everybody. :)


  1. No problem man. Glad you liked the stuff.

  2. Ditto William's comments and I will try to post up your package soon!