Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Contest Standings!

Sorry it took so long everybody, but they are finally here, the standings. So I'll just cut right to the chase to show who's in the lead.

Ken Damon 15
Steve Drennen 15
Brian Conrad 14
Plascke Thy Sweater 13
Dion 12
Will 11
Fishlegboots 10
AJ Mazza 6
Parq1 6
Old Foul Cardboard 6
Dutch Card Guy 2
Spiegel 83 2

I'll try to get up the last round up and going as fast as I can. I hope you guys are enjoying the contest and please remember that you need to send me an email instead of posting a comment on the post. Also, don't expect the standings to change much because this next round is going to be a real hard one.

Well, I hope everybody has a great week, and have a happy time blogging! :)

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