Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Where Are They Now: 2010 Topps Pro Debut Series 2 Cardinals Edition Part 1

While most of you are still fumming over how bad 2014 Topps is I have moved on and continue one of my series of Where Are They Now?

Although I haven't thought about it until now, I my as well make it official to say that I will make this a continuous series on the blog. It's interesting to see where these guys end up when their baseball careers don't pan out as they had hoped.

So with all the talking aside let's get right to it.

#293 Robert Stock

Drafted 2nd out of the 2009 Draft, Robert came into the minors wanting to be a catcher. Along the way though, he converted to a pitcher. And while all the prolific draft picks for the Cardinals in 2009 have been making names for themselves with the Cardinals, Robert has been slowly moving up the ladder and this past season he finished his season with the Cardinals Single A Affiliate the Palm Beach Cardinals. And with a promotion to AA we may see Robert be a part of the September call ups for the Cardinals.

#300 Nicholas Longmire

Drafted 5th out of the 2010 Draft, Nick wasted no time to get out onto the field for the Cardinals. Yet after his quick start he has stalled since then. He is only in Single A Palm Beach and has tough road ahead of him if he's going to make it to the MLB with the Cardinals. With such a stacked outfield, hopefully Nick can get a chance somewhere else because his chances are looking bleak with big names like Oscar Taveras, Stephen Piscotty, and other big names ahead of him.

#328 Daniel Descalso

Drafted 3rd out of the 2007 Draft it took Daniel 3 years in the minors to get his first chance with the Cardinals. Although he's not a starter, Daniel is the Cardinals defensive specialist. He can play anywhere you put him, and that is exactly what the Cardinals do with him. And even though his career has just begun, Daniel has quite the accolades. He is a World Series Champion, an Organizational All-Star, a AAA All-Star, and one of my favorite Cardinals. 

Well I wish these boys the best of luck with there upcoming season and thanks for reading. Oh and thanks to COMC for the photos because we all know my camera sucks. 

Stay warm! 

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