Thursday, July 9, 2015

Finally Off Hiatus

           Geez where do I start? Laziness, poor use of time, family matters. I don't know. I guess none of that hatters though because I am finally back.... With a revised me. I'll explain, don't worry.

            This feels so weird. It's been way too long. I have won contests, made trades, and all sorts of things I've never taken the time to post about. What a shame. I'm telling ya. I'll (hopefully) get to it though.

             Anyway enough with the nostalgic rambling. Revised me. Got to stay on task here. As I was away, I was still in the hobby, but in a different way. I gave myself a different perspective on how I collect and what I do. To get to the point, what I have decided to do now with my collection is focus on my rookie cards and my TTM's. Something that I have always loved the most out of collecting sports cards.

              Although you the reader don't get to view my TTM's visually (which I need to get fix at some point) that is a prevalent part of my collecting "lifestyle" so to speak. I have a massive binder dedicated to guys I have yet to send out to. And they are all cards of minor leaguers!

               Since this has become more relevant to my collecting style now, I would surely like to reach out to every minor leaguer I could. That calls for some desperate measures. That is one reason why I am cutting down on most of my Cardinals cards collecting and putting up a want list of minor league cards I need instead.

              Building upon that, I would continue to also look more in depth to my rookie card collection. It's a tough project I have going on here considering I've all but halted trying to set collect. The only product I've actually bought a pack of this year is Bowman. Yikes! I know.

              I'll have to rejuvenate the blog with some new life I suppose now that I've returned. Get a new picture at the top, update the good 'ole tabs. Man, it's nice to be back.

               And yeah that's about it. I haven't done too much more while I've been away. Card related that is. Sorry I don't have any pictures for you. Makes for a boring post. Sorry!

              I hope everybody has been soakin up to summer weather! I know I have. I'll be back tomorrow with a trade post of sorts so stay tuned!


  1. Good to see you back! If you ever want to make another Zistle trade (I'm username "royals" on Zistle), feel free to propose something.
    -Josh D.

  2. Glad to see your back. I've been looking for a dumping ground of sorts for my unwanted and unloved Cardinals cards. Would you like to have them?

  3. Hey, I lost your address. If you'll send it to me I've got some more Cardinals cards for ya. My email is rmatlack3 at juno dot com. Thanks.