Thursday, March 26, 2015

Minor League Want List

Minor League Baseball Want List:

As you guys might know already, I am really into the TTM side of the hobby.

If you don't know what TTM. Basically you send letters to some of your favorite athletes asking for their autograph and if you're lucky they will open your letter and sign whatever you sent them.

Getting back on track, I am making a want list for minor leaguers that I don't have cards of yet.

Another way to look at is that I'm taking those cards of minor leaguers that won't pan out and give you cards that you actually want in return.

I'm excited to get this up and going. I hope it helps me reach an even larger radius of players while giving you cards that you hopefully need.

Now your next step. Click that tab above and check and see if you can't help me out.

Then after that comment here or in the tab or email at and we can see if we can't work something out.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. Stay safe and God Bless!

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  1. I don't know if I'm just missing it, but which tab is it under?