Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Silly Topps, You Can't Trick Us Collectors

I do not know how well that title works, but it is supposed to be a play on words from the ole Trix are kids jingle if anybody caught it.

Us collectors, especially us bloggers, are quite wary when it comes to Topps' tricks and continuous laziness. I cannot name how many times I have seen the same photo in a different set, yet just cropped differently. You would think with all the advancements in technology, we could at least find a way to find a different photo of some of the most famous athletes in America.

Bowman should be no different, yet as I was going through my cards the other day, I discovered Mr. Roman Quinn in two different products. With the same EXACT photo.

2015 Bowman Prospects #BP7

2015 Bowman Draft #102

First off, the fact that Bowman Draft contains prospects that were not drafted from that year is counter-intuitive of the products name. 

And secondly, I do not know why you could not just use a different photo. Pretty lazy/crazy if you ask me. 

I found this one with a quick search on google and all ya got to do is airbrush the helmet, which is what Topps does with everything.

Oh well. Maybe Topps will learn a thing or two from us collectors some day. But until that day comes, I'll still be here collecting 3 different cards of Roman Quinn with the same photo.

I hope everybody has a super duper day and God Bless!

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  1. I noticed this inherent laziness as well. It must stink of Phillies collectors who think they already had one of the two cards but finds that they have to deal with another one that looks exactly like it.

    Although on the other hand both of these had chrome counterparts and this would be the only time a collector could realistically built two chrome rainbows of the "same" card.