Friday, February 24, 2012

William Regenthal

Ok I just got a package from Will in a trade we did.The problem is I don't have a scanner.So, I am just going to show you google pictures.William is one of the best guys I have met in the collecting world.If you don't know
him go to his blog at here is what he gave me.
First,my beloved Lance Lynn.

Next,lets show some cardinals cards Will was so nice to send me.

And these are just the highligts.He was so nice he sent me more than this.

For the finale to bring us out.Drum role please.

Virgil Trucks autograph.What is funny is that Will has been trying to get me to right a letter to Virgil Trucks.The thing is though I didn't have a card of him.See though Will was so nice he just went out and gave me one.In his email he said that Virgil asked him if he would give this card to a young guy in cards like me.
I just can't thank Will enough for being so nice to me.If you would like to trade with me email me at hope you guys have a great weekend because I know I will.See ya everybody I'm out.


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  2. you did't put his blog were to go. I think you forgot to put it in.