Friday, March 2, 2012


Yesterday,I got my shipment of cards in from dave and adams card world.So here is what they were.Oh,almost forgot my best friend Andrew from helped me bust these.Here is our lineup for today.
Okay now for the hits from the boxes.
2010 topps update box
And that was the show for that box.Anyways on to 2010 upper deck hobby.

That was it for that box.I know I know I got shorted the autograph,but I am seeing if upper deck can do something about it.Now on to 2007 SP Rookie Edition.Now this was a really good box.You will see why.

Pretty crappy autograph of the Kory Casto dude,but Andrew took it off my hands so now it can get some cards I need.On the up side I got not one but two Tim Lincecum rookie cards.I also really like the Homer Bailey autograph because he plays on the Reds and I will most likely get to see him pitch this summer.I hope you all liked the post.Before I leave if you check on the side you will see that I got my very first TTM autograph EVER.I will eventually show you guys a picture once I learn how to work a scanner.Well thanks for reading.Goodbye.

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