Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Must Be The Only One Not Buying Archives.

        I've been looking around on the blogoshpere lately and all see is Topps Archives. Am I the only one that doesn't care for the set? I mean it doesn't have hardly any rookie cards and if I get duplicates of the cards I can't get them sent in to get autographed because of those fake autographs on the front. I also don't like it because it is WAY out of my price range. I didn't mean for this to be a post dissing Archives, so here are things
I like about it.

           I like the idea that Topps brought back a product that was done. I also like that, it gives more of a variety of cards to choose from. I also love the autographs in the product. From the likes of Bryce Harper to Willie Mays it almost has any autograph you could think of from past players. I'm still trying to think if I want to buy it. What I will probably do is just get the cards that I want like Adam Wainwright or an autograph I like. Anyway, that is what I think of Topps Archives. Happy blogging. :)


  1. You aren't the ONLY one not buying it... I will not be joining that club either...
    Not to say I would be upset if anyone sent me any of the Rays singles, ha!

  2. I'll probably get a couple packs, but that'll be it.

  3. No interest here either. Just diluting Heritage in my opinion, but, I like the look of the 1980 cards.

  4. I bought a box and a half. The box I bought I busted and plan to blog about it, but atleast 15 of the cards were heavily damaged with actual tears in the sides and badly bent corners. I've already contacted Topps and am sending them back for replacements which they said take 3 weeks to process... since i've decided to not blog about the box till i get them replaced you can count on my doing that post in about 6 months. I was really excited about the product but have been dissapointed with the results.