Monday, May 28, 2012

Lance Lynn is on FIRE!!!

Wow, what a day. First, it's memorial day. Second, on Wednesday we get Jon Jay back. And the best of all is that Lance Lynn got his 8th win of the season and now has the most wins in the whole entire MLB! He helped the Cards beat the Braves in an 8 to 2 rout of the Braves today. Daniel Descalso and Rafael Furcal both hit home runs helping Lance Lynn win his 8th game. I'm almost happy Chris Carpenter is hurt, but at the same time
 I'm not. While Lance Lynn is making a name for himself the rest of the rotation isn't doing so hot.

For example, Lance Lynn has a 2.54 ERA when our ace Adam Wainwright has a 4.45 ERA. Not trying to put Adam Wainwright down, but those are at least 2 runs the Cardinals wouldn't have to come back from if Lance Lynn were pitching. I can't wait untill Carpenter does come back, but I just hope he doesn't take Lance Lynn's place in the rotation. Maybe somebody like Kyle Lohse. Well, I hope everybody had a great Memorial Day and I can't thank the troops and veterans enough for fighting for our freedom because I may not by able to blog if that were the case. That would not be fun. Well, I hope everybody has a great time blogging. :)

                                            THANK YOU VETERANS!!!


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  2. I have been very impressed with Lynn as well, and am very pleased with his progress so far.
    It does make you wonder how well we'd be doing on the whole if he was in the bullpen though, since he was ear-marked to be the 8th inning set up for Motte.
    Still, the fact that he is only a few hours behind Cole Hamels in wins is something I will continue to enjoy!