Friday, June 1, 2012

Time To Go To A Baseball Game

White Sox vs Mariners this weekend is where I will be. Hopefully, it will be a good game because this will be my first baseball game I go to this summer. Maybe Adam Dunn or on of their other players will be hitting home runs because that would make it a very exciting game. I think the probable pitchers for the game will be Gavin Floyd for the White Sox and Hector Noesi for the Mariners. Now that should be pretty nice matchup. I know Noesi is a decent young pitcher and it should be interesting how he does against the White Sox with them being on a hot streak right now.

I hope at this game I will be able to get an autograph like at my last game when I watched the D-Backs play I got Joe Paterson on a baseball. (I will show a picture later) I know I will be bringing all my baseball cards of the White Sox and Mariners with. All and all I am very excited about this game and cross my fingers I get an autograph. Happy blogging everybody. :)