Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gameday Preview!

                    Well everybody Friday my friend Andrew from and a whole bunch of other friends and family are going to Cincinnati to watch the Reds play the Cardinals.
                    I can't wait! It is going to be a great game. We will get to see the aces of both staffs pitch. I also get to see one of my favorite players play. DREW STUBBS!!! Unfortunately there is a chance for rain. Ugh. :(  I don't want it to rain. I hope they are wrong even if we do need it.
              On the bright side, we'll get to see the Cardinals do BP. That will be great! I hope I will get some good autographs because I really want some in person autographs from the Cardinals.
              Also, their promotions say they will be doing fireworks. Those will be cool! I am just way too excited about this game.
              Even if we really don't have that great of seats, Andrew and I were just planning on moving up if there are no shows. 
                   Well everybody wish me good luck on getting autographs! And as always, happy blogging. :)

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