Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Rookies Card Collector League

                As you can see, on the side of my blog I have put a picture of a box of the Rookies cards you would get from donruss in the 80's and 90's. And then above that I put member of. I did this because James from and I were talking about how we could make like an alliance of young bloggers in the blogosphere. As you probably know some of us in the blogosphere are in our teenage years, so we thought since a lot of bloggers are adults it would be cool if we could get a group of all us teenagers together to do trades. Since we don't have paying jobs we get kind of jealous seeing like JABO's doing a group break and we can't enter it since we haven't mowed enough lawns of something. So instead of trying to save up for awhile we could just trade with each other to get the cards we could get from those group breaks. So, if your a young blogger that would like to join this league of collectors comment below and we could get you into our league and you can start trading right away. Well, happy blogging. :)

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