Monday, July 16, 2012

Trying Something New!

               Well everybody, I've gotten a lot of TTM's lately. That's actually a good thing in my opinion. Anyways, because I have gotten SO many lately I'm not going to post about them. I will only the cool ones I get back. Instead of posting about them, I will just keep updating my successes in my TTM successes tab. So all you guys are going to have to do is check that tab every so often and you can see who I have gotten back so far.

                To see the card(s) I got back signed just click on the players name. I will try to get these up as fast as I can, but so far I have only gotten one up so far. Also, if the player signed multiply cards, just click on different spot on the players name and a different picture should pop up. I will make sure they are in different colors so it's not so confusing. If you have any questions just post below or contact me on my email. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and happy blogging everybody! :)

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