Sunday, July 8, 2012

Who Do You Think Has The Worst Autograph?

            Well, as you can see from the title I am wondering who all the bloggers think have the worst autograph. I must say there are a lot unfortunately. And I have noticed by looking on ebay and other websites that a lot of the prospects have really bad autographs like this guy.
      I must say that is a really bad autograph. A blind person could do better than that. Well maybe I'm not sure. The guy just put like scribbles on there though. I know I wouldn't like getting auto from this guy in a pack. Now here is any example of a good autograph.
      This was one of my TTM successes I've gotten back while I was gone. I sent him a bowman chrome card from this year. Sent it to the Orioles high A affiliate I'm pretty sure. They were called the Delmarva Shorebirds signed it in about 9 days. Pretty highly touted prospect for the O's and I bet they are really looking forward to him coming up.

                I'd really like to hear who you guys think has a really bad autograph because I only found a few. Well happy blogging everybody. :)

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  1. Look up Vernand Morency, former Texan & Packer. I have one of his from his time with the Texans. It is LITERALLY a check mark.

    I DARE someone to beat that!!!