Sunday, August 5, 2012

How Do You Guys Think I Should Decide The Winners Of The Contest?

            Ok everybody, I am going to give you guys the some options for how I decide the winners of my contest. These were the things I was thinking of. Also in a post below tell me which option I should do.

1. (My Favorite) I set up a poll in which everybody voted for the bloggers they think deserve it the most because of all their hard work they put into their blogs.

2. I set up a knockout tournament in which bloggers post about why they think they should be one of the winners of the contest.(Of course people will be voting for you.)

3. ??? You guys get to think of something.

If anyone else has any other (fun) ideas on a way we could decide the winners of the contest please tell
me. Well everybody have an extravagant blogging. :)


  1. Replies
    1. The thing is that's not fun. Everybody does that and gets boring seeing that after awhile.

    2. put all the names in a hat and say the names that you pulled

  2. Hey man, whatever you want to do, just keep in mind you've still got a group break folks (me) are lookin' forward to. Might not want to drag stuff on too long if you're ready to bust some wax. :D