Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Player Collection!

                  And it's not baseball. The chosen one is........Gordon Hayward.

          Unfortunately, this is the only card I have of Gordon. I know not many people (if any) collect basketball cards, but if you do I would love to add some more cards for this new player collection. If you were wondering why I chose to have him as a pc I'll tell you why. This guy was a beast in college for Butler as you may know and he has had a solid NBA career so far. Also, he loves his fans and just plainly being a superstar. Which pretty much is why I like this guy so much. Before I go I have to tell you guys some pretty useless information. Gordon Hayward actually was from the same town Lance Lynn is from, Brownsburg Indiana. Well, I hope everybody has a great rest of their Sunday. Happy blogging everybody. :)

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