Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yippee More TTM Returns!

                  Yes, everybody I am alive. Schoolwork and soccer have been really demanding of me lately. On the bright side though, TTM returns haven't slowed down. Over the past week I have gotten 5 back. And I am really happy with what I have gotten back so far.

First up is Aaron Hill.

2/2 Aaron Hill
c/o Team Address

Next, my very first football TTM success Rob Bironas. He even answered my questions I asked him.

1/1 Rob Bironas
c/o Team Practice Facility

Next, is Chris Parmelee.

2/2 Chris Parmelee
c/o Team Address

Next is one that I really like....Ryan Franklin. Former closer for the Cardinals. He even inscribed it.

1/3 Ryan Franklin
c/o Home Address

And probably my favorite. Allen Craig. I was surprised to see this one to come back.

2/3 Allen Craig
c/o Team Address

Well, I hope you guys enjoy seeing my TTM successes and I'll keep posting when I get the chance. Thanks for reading and don't forget happy blogging everybody. :)

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