Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 Collecting Goals (I Know I'm Super Late)

         I know I'm really super late on this subject, but I would like to create myself some collecting goals for 2013.
         I never had one before because in February last year I created this blog. It's crazy that the blog is almost 1 year old already.
         A lot has happened between now and then, but back to what I should be talking about, my collecting goals.

        1.I would very much like sending out 50 bubble mailers or more. Shouldn't be too hard, I hope.

        2.Get my player collections to a total of 100 cards considering Topps makes some cards of my favorite players.
        3.Have a total of 75 TTM's return. This might be a challenge because I only received a total of 51 last year. That means I'm going to have to send out a lot more out this year.

        4.Reach a total of 120 followers on this blog.

        5.Last one, complete years 2010, 2011, and 2012 in my Rookie Card Challenge. Now for this one I will surely need some help, so if you have some extra rookie cards laying around check out the tab on top of the blog named Rookie Card Challenge and let me know if you can help and we can see if we can't work out a trade.
        Well, I hope all of you guys reach your 2013 collecting goals because I know I'm determined to do so. And like always have a great time blogging everybody! :)


  1. You won't be last because I still want to post my 2013 goals. Good luck with yours.

  2. Same here. I just posted a Christmas present today, so I figure I'll have my 2013 goals up by mid-February.

  3. I definitely have some rookie cards laying around from those years you can have...