Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who's on Your Ultimate Fantasy Team?

       Yeah I know fantasy baseball isn't like until a month away, but I had the thought in my mind. Who would be on some bloggers fantasy team?
       I know I enjoy fantasy baseball a lot even though I never have played it yet, but this year that is going to change.
       I will be joining Will's league from Foul Bunt and see if I'm any good at it. If you guys have some tips I would love to here them.
       Otherwise, getting back to my subject who would be on my ultimate fantasy team? Here's the list of guys I would definitley choose.

1.Albert Pujols
    I know he had a total crap first half of his season last year, but this year I think he will surely turn it around.

2.Ryan Braun
    After a juiced...ahem my bad great season last year. I think he can do it again even though I could have sworn he used them roids.

3.Stephen Strasburg
    I love this guy. Most people do and I shouldn't blame them he's a flat out great pitcher. I see him doing something spectacular this next season if he doesn't get injured.

     Well, these are just some examples of some players on my ultimate fantasy team this year. Who's some of the players on yours this year? Have a great time blogging everybody! :)

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