Thursday, February 7, 2013

Are You A Zistler?

       Tonight, I was curious about how many bloggers were on zistle. I have done countless trades on their and have made many new trading buddies.
       But what I was wondering was if you. Yes you the very person reading this right now, are a zistler. If you aren't you should be, it's a very helpful and fun website for collectors to enter their collection into an online database and meet new trading partners.

      And if you are a zistler that's great. I'd love to add you as one of my contacts and maybe we could even work a trade or two in the future.

      Now some trades I have done with fellow zistlers/bloggers are just like this one I did with hiflew.

     Pretty small trade I know, but they are still two cards I like quite a bit. A Matt Holliday and Red Shodisfnhds (his name is really hard to spell so I'm not even going to try) Ok maybe I can try. Here we go, his name is Red Schoendienst. Did I get it? I think I did. Yes!

     So I guess congratulations zistle on getting free promotion from me. If you want to be my friend on zistle add me to your contacts. My username is Superduperman99. Otherwise, I have nothing else to say, but have a great time blogging everybody! :)


  1. Not a blogger but I absolutely love Zistle.

  2. I've been on Zistle since Day 1.

    user name - Captain_Canuck

  3. I'm on it. Same user name as I use here.

  4. Absolutely love that site, same user name as here.

  5. I have a sign on but have up on the sore long ago. I don't even remember what sign in I used, either AdamE or thoughtsandsox.

  6. I've been on there for about 2 years.

    In recent months, I've been adding a lot of 1967 Topps Baseball images.