Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Did Anyone See This?


      Go there before you even think about reading the post.

      Why just why? This is going to be a really crappy 7 years of my life. Did I also mention Upper Deck got an MLBPA license.

       All the wrong moves MLB. Sorry, but this was really bad. Did you see the polls? Everyone pretty much hated the idea of all this happening.

      But hey we don't know what will happen in the next 7 years. Topps could ultimately kill or the hobby or make the hobby absolutely flourish.

      In my opinion, they should have given Topps and Panini MLB licenses. Also, give Leaf and Upper Deck MLBPA licenses to see how they do with making baseball cards again.

       So its not all bad that Upper Deck got a MLBPA license. I just would have liked to see Leaf get one as well.

       In the end, I just hope everything goes out well and we can still collect baseball cards in 7 years. I hope you guys feel the same way. Because I know that I love the new hobby and secret world of baseball cards that I got myself into.


  1. I just posted and I thought the same thing, Topps will kill the hobby

  2. I like Topps. I don't really know what Topps has done to piss everyone off. I mean, Upper Deck lost their license because of their shady business dealings with Konami over Yu Gi Oh and then their farce with fake memorabilia. I wouldn't trust UD with anything at this point. I'm glad there aren't a bazillion companies like there were in the 1990s, because THAT (and of course the 1994 strike) is what almost killed the hobby. Topps isn't the bad guy, here.