Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Would You Do If You Were Topps?

       What would you do if you were in Topps shoes? I know I would do quite a few things. Here's just a few.

       First off, I would totally revamp my customer service. Get better with getting more involved with the card collecting community. Panini is a perfect example of great customer service. They get their redemptions out on time, they get involved with the people in the hobby, and lastly they're super nice and listen to any complaint that somebody may have.

       Now for the card products. Let's start with flagship first. I don't have much to say, but I would get rid of the foil for the names. It makes it look sleeker and the names easier to read.

      Next, I would get rid of Allen & Ginter altogether. It seems like it's getting worse every year.

      After this, I would bring back Topps Total. I think everybody would agree with this move. Topps Total needs come back if Topps wants to get kids to collect cards again. It's a great and cheap way to make baseball cards.

      I think you can keep Triple Threads and Chrome. I would do this to keep the high enders and chomies happy as well. Also, their not that bad of sets.

      If I were in Topps shoes the last thing I would do is quit all the dumb online exclusives and get rid of your MiLB products. If you have Bowman then you don't need the MiLB products. Also, the online exclusives just seem to make everybody aggravated because they aren't able to get those cards for a reasonable price.

      One last thing I think I would do if I was Topps, is I would bring back Bazooka. I think that was a great set and that it would help immensely with getting kids back in the hobby.

      In my opinion, these are just some of the moves Topps should make. I know all of you have even better ideas then I do, so let me hear them. I love hearing from you guys. Well, have a great time blogging everybody! :)


  1. Add me to the "bring back Topps Total train"

  2. I don't mind an MiLB set, but why do we need a PRO DEBUT issue and an Heritage issue? Just have one, like in 2010. Now it is just overkill. Bringing back Total and Bazooka would be great! A&G is getting old, even with new coins and buttons in cards. There is just too much overkill for the same cruddy products

  3. I agree on almost all of your points except Pro Debut. I think Jason is right saying that we don't need over saturation of the MiLB product, but if you live close to several MiLB parks, it is a lot of fun finding cards of players that you have seen/met at minor league games. I think A&G should be retired and replaced with something else. I liked the Cracker Jack sets from 2003 or 2004 or so. That would be nice to see. I also liked Bowman Heritage. A&G was great the first couple years it came out, but it really has run its course. I'm also tired of the minis. Better autos/relics in product would be nice, also, but I know getting higher end players would increase the price, so I guess I can live with the current setup.