Thursday, March 7, 2013

Did You See This?

        Panini's really stepping up their game with just having a players license. And yet surprisingly this isn't a Heritage post.

       I'd like to be a little different today. Let's talk about that other card company out there, Panini.

       In my opinion, Panini has really stepped up their game with releasing photos of their upcoming product Panini Prizm.

       If you don't know what Panini Prizm is then why don't you check these pictures out.

        Of course I had to show a Cardinal, but I really like what Panini is doing here. Even though this product is coming out in April it looks really cool.

        Panini's got me excited. They are even coming out with some other exciting releases later this month like Panini Triple Play.

        Stickers and sketches for a dollar per pack what could be better. I'm super excited for this one just like I was for last year's release of this stuff. It should be tons of fun to open.

        So while all of you guys out there are gorging on 2013 Topps Heritage I will be anticipating the fun releases Panini will be coming out with.

       I hope you guys are on Panini's bandwagon because I know I'm on it. MLB License for Panini!


  1. Prizm looks a little flashy for me, but still a refreshing change - just by not being Topps. Looks like they're doing a bang-up job hiding the logos.

    I have zero interest in Triple Play, but as a photography kind of guy, I never liked the cartoon sets, even as a handsome young buck.

  2. Looking forward to busting some Prizm next month though the Chrome-like cards will probably scratch too much for my liking.