Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Box (Part 1)

       Yep, the box. That's what I'm showing everybody today, a box. This isn't just any box though. This is the box. This is my box.

        This box holds all my goodies inside. Autos, relics, ttms, and my favorite of all my rookie card collection.

         Before I show the box off I must give a background story to my box.

         The box is a 5000 count box with with... ok that's about it. It is a 5000 count box, but it's very dear to me because it holds some of my favorite cards in it. Like this.

          Not the best picture, but one of my favorites a 3 color patch of Chris Duncan. This is a very nice card and to think an ordinary box can hold such a masterpiece. 

          Now to show you what you have been waiting for. A full view of this so called box. Now, this might be very dangerous because it is very awesome, but don't be afraid for it is just a box. Ok, I'll shut up. Here you go.

          Yep, to your left is the huge rookie card collection I have talked about so much. And yet it is still growing! Here I'll explain how I organize this massive collection of cards. For example, let's use the Twins.

           I organize them by team, set, and last name. It takes awhile if I have a lot of cards, but it is all worth it in the end. This is probably my pride and joy from my whole entire collection since I'm trying to collect every rookie card from 2010 and beyond. I really need your help though. I'm not even close on being done with some of these teams, this is where you come into play. I need you to click that tab at the top of my blog called "Rookie Card Challenge" and see if you can't help me out. I will reward you very nicely.

          Well, that's it for tonight folks. I'll explain the other rows of the box tomorrow. Have a great time blogging everybody! :)

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