Sunday, May 5, 2013

2013 Topps Opening Day!

I know I'm somewhat late, but my Walmart didn't have Opening Day until like know. Of course though, I don't go to Walmart too much.

I really liked what they did this year with Opening Day. The inserts look super cool.

There are 7 inserts sets, maybe. That's what I counted from the 2 blaster boxes that I busted. Here's what all of them look like. They look pretty sweet.

Ballpark Fun

Blues (#d to 2013)


Opening Day Highlights

Opening Day Stars

Play Hard

Superstar Celebrations

I've kind of warmed up to the Superstar Celebrations inserts. In 2011 & 2012 Opening Day I didn't really card for the designs on them and that just kind of drew me away from them. This year I really like the design and I love the photography.

Wait I forgot. Of course, Toys R Us has to ruin all the fun with these.

Ugh, go away Toys R Us you make collecting too difficult.

I have to say though I was so excited when I opened my two blasters worth. Here I'll just have to show you what I pulled. (These are for trade)

 This was just really bad luck on my part, but you get 1 Opening Day Highlights insert in every blaster and just my luck I got two Opening Day Highlights of Jay Bruce.

Again all of these are for trade, so if you would like any of them just let me know. I have all of my Opening Day want lists posted already in my want lists. Thanks for reading and have a great time blogging
everybody! :)


  1. I have a play hard #16, and opening day stars #2 that I'd trade for two of the mascots. Contact me if you would, and we can do a bigger trade. I know a few months ago you contacted me about a trade, but I didn't have anything to offer up. Now I can help you with your 2013 Opening Day set so hopefully we can work something out.

  2. Would you do the Matt Adams auto for the Ryan Howard relic? My email is being odd right now but let me know I might have some of your other wants but I'll have to look.

  3. Never collected the Opening Day but like them.

  4. Pick anything you want from Opening Day and I could probably trade it to you for the Cabrera Opening Day Highlight....I have most of the set but very few of the Highlight cards.