Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So Much Mail!

I know I'd call this a good thing. Wait not a good this, a great thing. Over the past week or two I have acquired around 10 TTM's. Pretty awesome is what I thought.

I ever since I started I have been intrigued or say perplexed how some of these parcels of mail could get so damaged. Granted, nothing of any large magnitude happened to the cards this time except for a few dings to the corners, but I've seen where cards are literally ripped. Example: My friend Andrew sent to a player and it returned with one of the corners torn off. Shows how much this people love their job.

Luckily, none of these horrible things happened to me this time. So without further or due TTM Successes 20-32.

#20 Al Albuquerque
10/29/12-7/13/13 9 Months

I did not expect this one to come back. Yet, that's one of the weird things about TTM's. You never know what you'll find in your mailbox.

 #21 Matt Guerrier
6/6-7/15 39 days

I know all the Dodgers fans are saying hey we're happy not to see that guy again. I see it as another signature and a very nice one at that.

#22 Chase DeJong
7/12-7/20 8 days

Not a household name for most of you out there, but with much potential for the Blue Jays he may become a very talented pitcher for them in a few years.

#23 Andrew Miller
9/11/12-7/20/13 10 months

Yet another key example of you never know what you'll find in your mailbox.

#24 Mitch Moreland
6/6-7/21 49 days

The Rangers lefty power hitter signed my Heritage card beautifully in black. Really like this return. He has a ton of potential.

#25 Dustin Geiger
7/12-7/25 13 days

The Cubs minor league third baseman signed a card for me, but to my luck bubbled really bad coming back to me. Oh well, at least he still read my letter and signed my card which is always great.

#26 Joe Nathan
6/6-7/26 50 days

This success just proves that the Rangers are awesome signers. A gorgeous signature from a great closer.

#27 Jake Thompson
7/12-7/27 15 days

The Tigers young young minor league pitcher signed a 2013 Bowman for me. He has all the raw stuff coming out high school. Hopefully he flourishes.

#28 Brady Rodgers
7/12-7/29 17 days

Another former USA Team member. These look great. I think I'm going to try to get all of these autographed. I already have 3. Brady was drafted by the Astros so it shouldn't be too long until we see him in the majors.

#29 David Goforth
7/12-7/30 18 days

I must say I didn't think would look this nice on a card like this, yet it looks incredible. Drafted in 11, David looks like he might be in the MLB shortly. He's already in AA.

#30 Tim Crabbe
7/25-8/1 6 days

This one came back super duper fast. Only 6 days. He even answered my questions which was very nice.

#31 Austin Dean
7/25-8/2 7 days

Another quick return. I just love sending to minor leaguers. Austin has a ton of potential and with the Marlins are right now I bet he'll just speed through their system.

#32 Edwin Jackson
6/6-8/3 2 months

And I save the best for last, Edwin Jackson. Former Cardinal, No-Hitter, and of course right now Cubs player. Yuck! At least he had a tenure with the Cardinals.

I must say I loved seeing all of these come back. This stretch of returns was very fun filled and I can't wait to show all of you what I receive in the future.

Thanks for reading. Have a great time blogging everybody! :)

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