Friday, January 24, 2014

2013 TTM's Year In Review!

As one of my goals for the 2014 blogging season, I wanted to show my TTM collection off better to all of you.

And since 2013 wrapped up, I had to bring to a close my returns for 2013. Over all it wasn't that bad of a year.

I came out around 50% of all my cards returning.

Yet, I have a good feeling that number will grow, but only time will tell.

So rather than dwell on the future here are some of returns from this year.

Biggest Disappointment

Although it isn't easy to see in this photo, but Mr. Geiger's autograph bubbled horribly when returning to me unfortunately for him that is what makes him the biggest disappointment of the year.

Biggest Surprise(s)

This one was an absolute deadlock. I wasn't expecting either of these to come back, but man was I wrong. Matt Adams and Matt Carpenter took the time to sign my cards. Two up and coming stars for the Cardinals had me astonished at my luck.


Flashback time. I love soccer. I have been playing ever since I was four. I still play it today with much vigor. So naturally when I saw that Wal-Mart had some soccer cards in stock I pounced on the opportunity to get them. I pulled a card of a guy named Well Thompson and sent a letter too him. He sent me a huge letter back and we have been friends ever since. That is why I enjoy this success so much.

Most Unappreciated

Jason Kidd. A shoe in for being a basketball hall of famer I sent to Jason in his last year of playing and got some cards back signed. Down the road I will appreciate this TTM a lot.

Best Minor League Return

I didn't get any HUGE names like Miguel Sano or Byron Buxton like some other guys, but I did get a few that look like they will have a promising big league career. So with the lack of talent I had to go with my Cardinals side and choose Mr. Boone Whiting. He is in AAA right now and I hope he can break into the bullpen soon.

Best Inscription

I didn't get any really cool inscriptions, but I did end up getting some pretty neat ones. Mr. Don Kelly inscribed "God Bless" and even sent his own bible card as well. Quite a neat success if you ask me.

Well there you have it. The wrap up of the 2013 TTM Season for me. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing all the cool stuff I've gotten from athletes and thanks for reading. Have a great time blogging!

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