Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Year In Review

How did I do this year?

2013 was quite a year. I cannot believe it has already come and gone.

Between moving to a new town, the Cardinals making the World Series, and my collection growing larger and larger. I would have to say this year was quite fun.

Enough with that though, let us see how I stacked up collecting goals wise.

This past year I did not make too many goals, yet just enough to keep me occupied.

So off we go.

1. Send out 50 bubble mailers.

Although I lost track half way through the year, I can guarantee you I sent out well more than 50.

2.Get my player collections of Lance Lynn and Joe Kelly to 100 cards.

Even though I did not get anywhere near 100 cards, I was able to add a two jerseys, an auto, and a handmade 1/1 courtesy of The Lost Collector.

3. Have 75 TTM's return to my mailbox.

65. So close! Even if I did not achieve my goal, I did get some amazing successes such as Matt Carpenter, Jim Johnson, and Jason Kidd.

4. Reach 120 followers for my blog.

This one was a stretch and I knew it, but 103 is not that bad. And I cannot thank you guys enough for your continued support.

5. Complete years 2010, 2011, and 2012 of my Rookie Card Challenge

I failed horribly on this one. I still need big names such as Matt Harvey, Buster Posey, and Aroldis Chapman, but I was able to get names such as Bryce Harper and few others knocked off the list. So I guess it wasn't a complete loss.

As I bet you can all see I did not do very well this past year. I think I will attempt to create more realistic goals for myself in 2014.

Even if I didn't do so well with my collecting goals last year, 2013 was an adventurous year to say the least.

I would have to say moving was one of the toughest events that occurred this past year.

Now with 2013 behind us, I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store.

Again, thank you for all your support and let's make 2014 a year to remember.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Don't be hard on yourself for #4! 103/120 = 85.8%. That's a solid "B" in my book. I THINK I might have the Chapman rookie, I'll havta rummage around when I get home… and send out the slew of bubble mailers that everybody else is probably waiting on.

  2. I think you did really well, man. I wouldn't be so hard on myself with the followers thing. I bet you have a lot of folks who read but haven't pressed the 'follow' button. Good luck to your pursuits in 2014. I hope I can continue to help you along the way.