Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lance Lynn 1/1

          About a month or two ago I was viewing some blogs and stumbled upon the Lost Collector's blog. He is a Yankee fan and love to paint. I saw some of his art he has done and said, "Wow, he's really good." So with my curiosity getting the best of me I emailed A.J. and asked if he could do a painting for my Lance Lynn collection.

           Luckily for me he replied that he would be more than glad to and asked me what card I would like made of Lance Lynn into a painting. With it being one of his best cards I chose Lance Lynn's 2011 rookie card.

           Over the next couple of months, A.J. sent me updates of how the painting was turning out. I just couldn't wait for him to finish it, it looked that good.

           A week or two ago and my long filled excitement was relieved when I opened up that bubble mailer and a true masterpiece came out. This wasn't any card that was printed off the press. This was a true hand made 1/1.

          Here's what it looks like so you too can see an amazing work of art.

          Now you see why I am so happy. This a true 1 of 1.

          Thank you very much A.J. for taking the time and money to create this piece of exquisite art. I really appreciate it. You guys should go check him out as well, maybe he could make a masterpiece just like he did for me.

          Thank you so much for reading everybody, but don't forget to have a great time blogging!