Sunday, April 13, 2014

Well Hasn't It Been Awhile

                    Time flies. I think we all have discovered this by now. As the school year wears on it becomes harder for me to do the things that I love. With the crunched time I have had to cut my blog out of my normal schedule. I know it sucks.

                   But for the time being, I am back. Once summer commences hopefully I'll be back full time. Key word: Hopefully. So to celebrate the fact that I am a back from my hiatus I thought I might hold a group break and a contest. I'll be back later tonight or tomorrow with the details on that, but for the time being I thought I my as well show you guys what I have been up to while I have been gone.



This bad boy came courtesy of Kalib a Cubs collector. Yuck! You beat us once, but that's one out of 162. Be ready for the next time. Besides the fact that he is a Cub fan Kalib very generously sent this Lynn over to me no questions. So thank you Kalib.

Next, one of everybody's favorite bloggers, Nick from Dime Boxes sent this beauty. If this was a dime box find I would be astonished because this is a beaut. It fits very well into my collection and can't thank Nick enough for his generosity.

Last but not least, a blogger who has burst onto the scene this blogging season, Alex from Chavez Ravining. You can't ever not have enough Shelby Miller and Trevor Rosenthal rookie cards. They are going to have huge years this year.

I love that Yadi as well. Tis a shame we will not be able to witness anymore plays like that. I could go on further, but I think it would be best that I don't.

And I did not forget about the unloved Mike O'Neill. Mike O'Neill is the unsung hero of the Cardinals outfield problem. All the guy can do is get on base, but he gets overshadowed my superprospects like Stephen Piscotty and Oscar Taveras. I didn't forget about you Mike. You'll go great in my collection.

Well there you have it. It's not much, but they are cards I enjoy very much. Thank you for all who traded with me and if you want to trade with me I will make it worth your time. Thanks for reading everybody. I'll let you guys know on the group break and the contest. Super Duper out.

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  1. Love the Flood. My friends don't realize how much time goes into blogging and trying to support everyone else's blog. Even when I have a short post, I usually spend at least 30 minutes on it. As for reading everyone's blog... there are evenings I spend over an hour catching up on everyone's posts. At least it's something I love to do... so I'm definitely not complaining.