Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Knocking Off The Rust

It's been awhile, but now that school is over and the soccer season is winding down, I think I might be able to start the blog back up. Now wouldn't that be nice!

Although this past school year had it's highs and lows, I am so happy that it has come to a close. (No rhyme intended)

And while soccer runs year round I'll finally have some time for the blog without homework being shoved down my throat.

So while I was gone though I picked up some stuff. Of course there were the awesome Bowman blasters, but I also had a few odd and ends fall into my hands while I was gone such as this.

And this.

Which both came courtesy of a very generous fellow Cardinal fan Brady Umfleet. Click on his name and go check out his blog because he has a really good one going. Your cards are heading out soon.

And also while I was gone, I picked up these bad boys COMC style.

Some prospect autos of guys that might never see Busch Stadium, but the real crown jewel of the package was this.

Only $4 for that. Now that my fellow bloggers is what I call a steal.

Well, thanks for stopping by and reading and I hope everybody has a great day. 

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