Monday, November 26, 2012

What Did You Get On Black Friday?

             I haven't seen many people talk about Black Friday much. Maybe people didn't get much, or maybe
it's suppose to be a secret.

I know there's nothing secret about what I got. I went to town on COMC and got me some pretty cool stuff.
I haven't gotten my cards yet, but I can't wait. With all the cards I got (saving for another post) it begs the question. What did you do or get on Black Friday this year?

I saw that dacardworld had some deals. I checked them out and they really weren't that awesome. Maybe $20 bucks off 2011 Topps Update, but nothing too amazing. All I know is I had fun with getting some fantastic cards.

I hope you guys enjoy your week and remember...happy blogging! :)


  1. I dropped $20 at COMC. Got a couple for my Pierce project, a couple for my Petrick collection and a few needed A&G minis.

  2. I sold a ton of cards on COMC. Hoping to sell some more. I went a little nuts with my store credit and picked up 22 cards in two separate shipments. One of the reasons you might not have heard anything is that maybe folks are waiting on their shipments. I also knocked out 2 Christmas presents for two friends on two different websites, Ebay and BobFellerMuseum. Hopefully those come soon also.