Friday, February 15, 2013

Fantastic Catch Card #2

        My 2nd installment of my fantastic catch series. Today we have a wonderful photo of Trayvon Robinson making an amazing catch robbing somebody's home run.

         4 innings into Trayvon's major league career, he makes a near impossible catch robbing Torii Hunter a home run. This was one truly fantastic catch and to get a photo had to be awesome for the photographer.

         Trayvon is now with the Orioles trying to prove he can make the roster coming out to Spring Training. I think if he makes another catch like this he surely will.

         With no doubt this one is binder worthy.

         Something that I would like to do with my fantastic catch series is add grades to how awesome the catches are. With being situational and outstanding here is my rating.

Catch Grade

         Pretty amazing, but I just couldn't give it an A. I've seen better I've seen worse. It was good just not good enough for me. I have a feeling that will be really hard to get an A.

         Well, I hope you all enjoyed this installment of my fantastic catch series and don't forget, have a great time blogging! :)

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