Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How Is Your Team's Spring Training Going So Far?

         How's your teams Spring Training going so far? That is the question today. I know the Cardinals its the usual.

         Chris Carpenter found another way to get himself hurt. But hey with awesome young pitchers like Trevor Rosenthal and Joe Kelly I think it will be ok.

          Something that is amazing that has happened so far is that arriving to Spring Training Lance Lynn was 40 pounds lighter.

          That's something for a guy being a killer on the mound all his career. I believe he used to be 280 now he's somewhere around 240. In my opinion, that's awesome because it probably took a lot of will power to do it.

Mike Matheny, Lance Lynn

              And yet you haven't even seen him in person. Wow, he is one big dude. If you don't know the back story I was able to get an autograph from him at a Reds game I went to last summer. I know pretty sweet.

           Meeting Standing in the presence of one of your favorite players, it was just incredible. I was like so ready to pee my pants. I almost hyperventilated I was so nervous/excited.

           Enough with bragging about my favorite player. Let's get back to the meaning of this post. This years Spring Training for the Cardinals is going well so far, but of course there probably be something that comes along. 
          In the end though, I'd like to see the Cardinals come out of Spring Training fully healthy and ready to kick some butt. Only in my best dreams that will happen, they will probably have some injuries and not be fully prepared for Opening Day. 

          Yet that's reality. Well I hope your team is having a good Spring Training so far getting ready for a new season. All I know is I'm ready for some baseball to start again. Have a good one and don't forget to have a great time blogging everybody! :)




  1. Just today I was describing "bliss" for my students.

    I told them spring Training has begun and Opening Day is around the corner. THIS is bliss.

  2. Darn, gotta root for the fat pitcher. Like fat guy touchdowns. Haha.