Saturday, June 15, 2013

Topps Has Good Photography!?!

Interesting post today. It always seems like we as bloggers try to find the worst in everything Topps produces or says. Heck, what can I say. I do it all the time on here.

But guess what Topps this one time you will get compliments from me and maybe even the other readers out there.

I was flipping through some 2010 Topps today as well as some of my binders and noticed that yes, the majority of photos Topps uses are very bland, but there are some quite unique photos mixed in as well. First, let me start out with my definition of a bland photo.

Booorrriiinnggg. Nothing happening here just another pitcher throwing another fastball.

Now here's my definition of a good photo.

Now here we go. Excitement everywhere, well not for Tim Hudson. More like astonishment for him, but this is an exciting card. A pitcher batting is a big one right off the bat. (no pun intended) The crowd is jumping for joy, and same with all Timmy's teammates. Very good photo Topps, very good.

We always heckle Topps for such bad photography, but there are some masterpieces hiding in all the other horrid recycling of photos (I won't even get started on that today) and whatnot.

Like fantastic catches. One of the reasons this blog exists. 

This isn't a bad photo. In fact, this also doubles as a scoreboard shot. (Feel free to use this one if you haven't already Night Owl) Like stated before, it might take you some looking, but there are some good shots of players hitting walls, sliding on the grass, or even faceplanting yourself into the warning track dirt because your a Cub shot. Please use this picture Topps.

Then with a little more looking you can find some nice sidearm/submarine pitcher shots.

These are one of the great things about Update. Seeing cards of pitchers like Darren O'Day be printed. It would be a very sad day if Topps stopped doing Update.

And if you look super hard you can find true masterpieces like these.

A perfect view of a play at the plate. Doesn't have to be a collision, but just a really cool view of if the runner or the glove is going to make it first. Lastly, to finish off my post probably one of my favorite cards in my collection, 2006 Topps UH263. Dan Uggla in this card should be the poster boy for all creepers everywhere. Maybe he's scared of something, but Dan Uggla looks really creepy in this photo.

Well, that does it for me. Now it's off to stuffing more bubble mailers with cards. Hope everyone enjoyed. Thanks for reading and have a great time blogging! :)

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  1. Is that Cubs faceplant photo a real card? If so, AWESOME!!!